Launch Profiles and Notebooks via Links

This page shows a few examples of permanent links for accessing profiles or notebooks in the Jupyter cluster. They can be used for your, Websites or Moodle.

Link creation wizard

Feel free to use the link creation wizard to create links the the schemes described below.

Spawn and open Notebook

Opens a specific notebook using the default profile (Python) or your running Jupyter server.

Schema:{{ notebook_path }}


  • notebook_path and URL encoded path to the Notebook which should be opened. Please not that this path must be URL encoded.

Spawn with a specific profile

This link to spawn a specific profile.

Note: If a server is already running with a different profile, no action will be taken.

Schema:{{ profile_slug }}


  • profile_slug a short alpha numeric identifier for the profile. Please take a look at the profile list for available profiles.

Spawn with a specific profile and open a notebook

This version combines the first two types of links:

Schema:{{ profile_slug }}&next=/user-redirect/lab/tree/{{ notebook_path }}

Specify username and server name

Using this slighly extended version, a named server for a specific user can be spawned. Please note that user impersonalization is only available for administrators.

A normal user can start up to 10 named servers. E.g. for using several profiles in parallel

Schema:{{ user_name }}/{{ server_name }}?profile={{ profile_slug }}


  • server_name is a alpha numeric identifier for the named server


You can use the following Markdown or HTML snippets to embed a badge into your files or Moodle activities for launching a Notebook:





<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>